Smart, Personal Online OCR Coaching


Smart, Personal Online OCR Coaching



Whether you are training for your first race, or trying to get on the podium this season, our coaching, and training tools will help get you there. We are for OCR athletes, by OCR athletes. Our mission is to teach, inspire, and push athletes to be the best possible versions of themselves, and to continue contributing to the growth of this sport.

OCR BEAST Challenge Week: July

We’re back! More challenges, more prizes, more grip strength. Let’s do this!

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OCR BEAST Challenge Week: June

Everything you need to know about the OCR BEAST Challenge Week, June edition.

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Not So Sweet: The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

“SUGAR IS BAD FOR YOU!” It’s the rallying cry from many health enthusiasts and fitness bloggers alike.

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We’ve got everything you need to CONQUER your next obstacle course race.

Here’s why hundreds of athletes love OCR BEAST, and you will too!

There’s no escaping the fact that running is the most important factor when it comes to OCR. Run with Purpose will help you become a faster, smarter, and more efficient runner, for just $100/month.

Running, obstacle-specific strength training, and unlimited communication with your coach. Train with Purpose is the all-in-one coaching package to take your training to the next level, for just $175/month.

Obstacles are no fun without the grip strength to complete them . GRIPWOD is the answer to all your grip strength needs. Whether elite or beginner, this program is for you.

OCR Beast online coaching has exceeded my expectations because it does not feel as if I am working with online coaches. The coaches are knowledgeable and experienced OCR athletes and coaches. They continuously provide feedback and a tremendous level of support throughout the process. They maintain a strong level of communication during the training process and will reach out to check in before and after races. The coaches are accessible, available, and always respond quickly to questions.

– Linh N.

You have a great thing going. What I’ve been able accomplish in less than a year of working with OCR Beast is amazing. I’ve done some other online fitness programs but nothing as good as what you are building.

– Mark B.

This training is the difference maker.

– Ricky A.