Join us this November, as we dive into our first #OCRBeastChallenge!

In the world of OCR, grip strength (and endurance) is key. We are launching our initial #OCRBeastChallenge, with a  simple but powerful movement (well, it’s more like a lack of a movement), dead hangs!

What is a dead hang?

A dead hang is when you grip an overhead bar, rings, or anything else you can hang from, and hang with both feet suspended from the floor with your arms extended. You want to make sure that you are relaxed (arms aren’t bent/flexing), and also make sure you keep your shoulder blades down (shouldn’t feel like arms are being pulled from the sockets).

Once in position, you simply think happy thoughts, and remain there until the amount of time you’re shooting for is completed, or until you can’t hold on any longer.


Why should I do dead hangs?

Dead hangs are a great, and simple tool for building grip strength and endurance. If you’ve done a Spartan Race, you know the amount of grip it takes to cross a rig, monkey bars, hercules hoist, etc. You need to get used to grabbing onto something, and holding your weight.

In addition to the obvious grip benefits, dead hangs are also great because they help decompress your spine (which helps correct your posture and decreases your risk of back injury), and increase your core stability.

What is the challenge?

On November 1st, we will do one minute of dead hangs. From there, each day we will add 10 seconds to the previous day’s worth of accumulated time. On November 30th, we will have worked up to, and will perform six minutes of dead hangs!

*Dead hangs do not need to be one hang for the entire time. For instance, day 1 is one minute. You can do 3 x 20 seconds. You could do 45 seconds + 15 seconds. The goal is to accumulate the amount of time.

How do I join?

It’s easy! We will be hosting this challenge from our Instagram account ( You can join in by posting your dead hangs, and using the hashtags #OCRBeast and #OCRBeastChallenge.

What do I get for joining?

Umm… Popeye-like forearms and added grip strength?! And if that isn’t enough, we’ll be reposting pictures on our accounts from people who are conquering this challenge (and using the hashtags), AND we’ll be giving away a prize pack of a Captains of Crush Trainer Gripper and an OCR Beast hat at random to one entrant that completes the challenge!*

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-4-25-58-pm FullSizeRender 81

*In order to be be entered into the prize drawing, you must post at least six (6) times throughout the month, updating us with your daily progress as you hit new minute milestones. Example: post on first day noting you did 1:00, post on 7th day noting you are into the 2:00 range, on the 14th day letting us know how you’ve progressed from the last time, etc. You must have a post at the end of the month noting that you finished the challenge.

*Post does not need to be a video of entire hang. A picture of hanging will do- in the caption just mention how long you hung for, how you broke it up, how you were feeling, etc.

Make sure to reach out if you have any questions, and happy hanging!

Downloadable #OCRBeastChallenge Stamps:

dead-hang-challenge1 img_6239 img_6379

(There is a white logo directly to the right of the black one if on a computer, and below the black one if on mobile, right click to save!).

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