We’re highlighting an OCR Beast athlete each month that has been working hard in training, and is seeing the results! 

Ricky Arguello has been training with us for about 6 months, in the Run with Purpose program. Like many of our athletes, Ricky didn’t come from a running background, had never been coached or taught how to train his running (with purpose), and after realizing the importance of being a strong runner for OCR, signed up for OCR Beast coaching.

Here’s what coach Shane says:

“Ricky started with OCR Beast back in July of 2016, and it’s safe to say he has come a long way.

A few key stats to consider on Ricky’s six-month journey improving his fitness so far:

Over 500 miles logged with Team OCR Beast
Longest run: 11.22 miles
Over 3:00 minutes taken off initial 5K time (the PR felt comfortable in his words!)
Running over 2:00 faster for “easy” paced runs
1 new son (Congrats!!!)

Ricky puts in the time and work, period. Because of the huge improvements in his aerobic engine, you can see the miles getting longer, faster, and even more comfortable. His dedication to the craft of getting better at running has already paid dividends in a 15th place age group finish in a Savage Race out of 800+ (after only 3 months of training).

In 2017 Ricky looks to continue on his upward trend and keep building on what he started back in the summer of 2016. He will be representing Team OCR Beast at Terrain Race on March 11th, Savage Race on March 18th, and beyond. We can’t wait to see how he performs and where he raises the bar to in this coming year.”

We asked Ricky 5 questions about his experience in OCR, and his training:

1. What is your background in playing sports / fitness?

Growing up I didn’t participate much in sports. I was more about video games than physical activity. My parents did break up the video games by having me participate in karate, which lasted a year or so and in JR high I played soccer, mainly because all my friends were on the team. I was pretty serviceable as a midfielder but I wasn’t a stand out player. As I got into high school I stopped soccer and spent most of my time playing video games up until sophomore year when I started going to the gym with my friends. From then on, weight lifting and training has always been a constant in my life. If I wasn’t playing video games or studying, I was in the gym.

2. Tell us about your first OCR experience.

My first OCR experience came in 2014. My client had done the Spartan Super in Miami and was going on and on about how tough it was. How much it hurt. How he nearly gave up midway through the race. And something about that piqued my interest. I’d always trained for the sake of training. No real goal other than to feel good and be reasonably strong. After hearing about his experience I thought I needed to try an OCR and I looked up the next race. It turned out to be Armageddon Ambush, which was a 5k. I did the race with my clients and it was a fun time. It wasn’t particularly difficult, even my Spartan client said it was on the easier side. But then again we did it as a group. I did, however, see how it COULD be a real challenge. How you could race against yourself and others doing the course as fast and efficiently as possible. Later that year I did a BattleFrog and that was when it really clicked on just how awesome OCR is. The difficulty of the obstacles. The difficulty of mixing running with those obstacles. Even if they were seemingly simple. Jump over an 8ft wall. Traverse some monkey bars. Ok fine. Do that and then go back to running? Woah thats tougher than it sounds. And I love it.

3. How has your training changed since working with OCR Beast?

I’ve been with OCR Beast for a few months now and with the training I’ve been focusing on my biggest deficit, running. I’ve never been a runner. When I was in the gym lifting weights, my focus was never on cardio. Cardio was never even on my radar. When I started with OCR Beast I could barely run a 11 minute mile consistently. Maybe I could get a mid 9 minute mile but that would have to be an all out effort and I would need to take a break after. Now it’s a completely different story. In training with OCR Beast, my times have improved consistently. It’s to the point where I feel amazed comparing my times on day one compared to today. I’m able to run at a consistent and fast pace. My cardio has improved dramatically, even comparing it to when I did more bodyweight type training. OCR Beast coaching has helped me tremendously in fixing the deficits I had, and now I feel more confident going into my next OCR. I tested myself last weekend and did a local 5k road race. I ran mid 7 minute miles, placed top 5 in my age group and top 50 overall. I never dreamed I could run that fast. I just never considered myself a runner. Now I’m chomping at the bit to test myself this upcoming 2017 OCR season.

4. What are your goals for the 2017 season, and beyond?

2017 is going to be an interesting season for me. These last two years I was winging things in training for upcoming races. I neglected the biggest facet of training and was hoping for the best come race day. This year I’ve been putting in serious training and I’m looking to push myself to my limits. I’m going to work my way up the ladder this year. I’ll be competing in competitive waves and looking to work my way to my biggest goal, to qualify for the OCRWC. For that to happen I need to place top 10 in age. Which I believe is in sight for me this year. Beyond 2017 is hard to say because with the training I’ve been doing I could hit goals faster than expected and I could be competing in elite waves by years end. And of course the ultimate goal is the podium. Let’s see how this year plays out!

5. What would you say to someone thinking about signing up for OCR Beast coaching?

If you are thinking about signing up for coaching through OCR Beast, there’s really only one thing I could say to you. Stop thinking and sign up…. now! It’ll be the best decision you’ve made regarding training and improving all aspects of your OCR game. Seriously, whats not to love about it? Your training is individually tailored to reach your goals and provides consistent improvement. For me, the training has been a game changer and I cant wait to see where it takes me in the OCR world.

You can find Ricky on Instagram at @ricky.fit, and find out more about our Run with Purpose program here.

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