“I’ve been competing in Spartan Races since 2012 at the open level. I started competing in the Competitive and Elite level (stadium series) within the last year. I decided to work with OCR Beast because I wanted to improve as a runner by decreasing minutes off my splits without over training. I knew I needed a structured running program that could help elevate my training to compete at the competitive/elite level as an OCR athlete

OCR Beast online training program has exceeded my expectations because it does not feel as if I am working with online coaches. The coaches are knowledgeable and experienced OCR athletes and coaches. They continuously provide feedback and a tremendous level of support throughout the process. They maintain a strong level of communication during the training process and will reach out to check in before and after races. The coaches are accessible, available, and always respond quickly to questions.

They are passionate about contributing to the growth of OCR as a sport. There’s a genuine camaraderie on the OCRBeast team. They have an inclusive approach to connecting you to the OCR community whether it’s online through social media or through introductions at a race venue. Shane and Spencer (the coaches I was assigned) never hesitate to share personal insights from their experiences or advice from working with others.

(Team OCR Beast at Spartan Race Fenway – coaches Spencer & Shane with athletes Alisha, Tony, and Linh).

Since working with OCRBeast, I have made significant progress as I continue to improve as a runner. This had a big impact on my standings in the Spartan Race stadium series elite rankings. Within a short few months, my overall ranking (men and women) jumped 58 spots (106 to 48). I went from being ranked 31st for overall female to 16th and for the first time, I was able to secure a spot in the first wave for women’s elite heats. Despite falling short of my 2016 goal of finishing top 50 overall, I can’t be disappointed with finishing 19th for overall female and 59th overall in the Spartan Race stadium series elite standings.


OCR Beast coaching has helped me redefine my training regime and understand the importance of building a solid aerobic base and to embrace recovery. The program design is tailored to each individual which is what makes it unique. I highly recommend OCR Beast online coaching for anyone looking for a training program to elevate their performance as an obstacle course racer!”

– Linh Nguyen

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