Get to know our newest coach, Kevin Gregory!

What was your background in athletics growing up?

  • Middle school & high school: Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse
  • College: D3 Lacrosse & Club Rugby
  • Post-college: Semi Pro Football, then discovered OCR

How did you get into OCR?

Warrior Dash (the gateway drug): Friends had heard about it, and it was located only an hour from me, so we did it together.  It was the most physically demanding 45 minutes of running that I think I’ve ever experienced, but it was an individual challenge.  I was so used to team sports that an individual sport was of interest to me, especially now that my wrestling days were over.

(Approximately) how many OCRs have you completed?

100s. I ran my first one in 2011, and have averaged over 40 races per year over the last 3 years.

Out of all those races, pick 2 or 3 that stand out, and tell us why!

  • 2014 Killington Ultra Beast. This was my first time finishing. I had previously DNF’d in 2013, and made training for that race my driving force for the next full year.
  • Dallas Spartan Team Championships 2016. We finished in 3rd, and it was my first ever Spartan Race Podium finish.

A lot of people know you as “Bubbles”. How did Bubbles, and racing in a clown mask start?

Two of my college buddies, Joe and Tucker, talked me into running that Warrior Dash I mentioned previously. After finishing the race, we heard of a bigger challenge, Tough Mudder, that was being held just 3 months later in New Jersey. The night before Tough Mudder Tucker and I arrived at Joe’s house in Staten Island and headed right out to a Party City because we couldn’t be a team if we didn’t dress alike.  We picked out everything Christmas and became the Santa Mudders.  We dressed in Christmas accessories and were pretty fit Santas. Upon arriving and checking in we were encouraged to enter the costume contest, where we each won a Season Pass for the following year!  We ran together and aside from me losing my hat at Arctic Enema we completed the whole race with all of our holiday flare.  We were on cloud 9.  Joe and I immediately got the Tough Mudder Logo Tattooed on our legs, when they did that on site, and we were hooked.

The following spring Tucker, Joe and I teamed up for another round of costumed Tough Mudders.  This time Tucker went rogue and chose his own costume while Joe and I matched.  So at the 2012 Poconos Tough Mudder, Joe and I dressed as clowns, won another costume contest and 2 more season passes for the 2012 season.  We got all the fun clown accessories like big wigs, face paint, bike horn, huge bow ties, rainbow tights for our arms and legs, clown noses, etc. Each race we did together we went to Party City and stared at all the costume options trying to top the last.  We always wished that one of the masks would actually have big enough holes to breathe and see out of so we didn’t need to keep buying so many items each time, but we never found one and just continued to be creative.  We reused some costumes when we ran out of time or just didn’t get to a Party City for new ones.

As time went on Joe re entered school, a trade school, he had no expendable income to race anymore. When Joe and I would meet on rare occasion to race again we continued our tradition of doing so in some sort of costume, but now that he’s in the FDNY he hasn’t been able to race since joining the academy so it’s been a while. As I raced without Joe I tried to keep some of our tradition alive by dressing up.

During the Halloween season of 2014 I was costume shopping for the holiday when dressing up is normal.  I came across the face known now as Bubbles the Clowne on a rack at Spirit Halloween on my lunch break.  It was love at first site. The eyes were plenty big enough to see, the mask fit tight enough that it didn’t move around when I moved, and most importantly mouth was fully exposed which meant I could breathe! I hole punched some slightly bigger holes in the nostrils for some air or what turned out to be for sweat drainage and I was all set.  Bubbles made the trip out to Ohio for the Spartan Trifecta, the day where you could run the Beast, then, Super, then Sprint all in one day and get your Trifecta.  I wasn’t sure if I would wear it during the race at all, but the temperature and weather was much worse than expected so I figured I’d give it a go.  It was so cold and the addition of hail and other precipitation ended up making Bubbles the best idea ever that day.

Since then Bubbles has come to almost every race I’ve run.  I usually don’t wear it during Elite heats as I’m an aspiring Elite who is training to win and place in the top 50 in the Spartan Points Series.  I do love running these races especially alongside the open runners as they laugh at my jokes I usually finish the Elite, go to bag check and put on Bubbles then head back to the starting corral to get back out on the course.

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What’s one thing you think people should be doing more of in their training?

This question comes down to personal needs.  It’s far easier to train your strengths, but you need to identify your greatest needs and work from there.  For me I’ve never failed a strength obstacle, but for the longest time, the bulk of my training revolved around weightlifting.  OCR Beast has helped me greatly because we’ve identified that my greatest area for improvement was my running. Now the majority of my training time, by a large margin, is centered around running more efficiently and developing my aerobic capacity.

Tell us about what you do through Advocare, and where people can reach out to you with questions.

AdvoCare has given me a vehicle to help both elite athletes and everyday people on improving their health, athletic performance, or just learning the basics of eating healthy and actually seeing results from it. People interested in talking to Kevin about Advocare can reach out to him on Facebook.

What are your goals for 2017?

  • Place top 10 in the Spartan Race Stadium Point Series
  • Break the 75 Mile Threshold at 2017 World’s Toughest Mudder
  •  Podium as an Individual

Kevin is now our newest Run with Purpose coach. Learn more about our coaching here, and start working with Kevin today!

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