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Grip Builder 101
Grip Builder 101 by OCR Beast

"I just wanted let you know that the grip builder 101 is a great workout! I own fat gripz, heavy gripz, and many other pieces equipment to help build my grip. I wish I would have known five years ago all I needed was a pull-up bar and a towel. It was well worth the money!" 

Grip Builder 101 includes...

  • Eight complete workouts
  • Sixteen movement breakdowns
  • Progression for every movement
  • Scaling for every movement
  • Grip type explanation
  • Grip intensity explanation¬†
  • Pure badassery

Other notes about Grip Builder 101...

  • It's a 40 page downloadable PDF
  • Is for all athletes, beginner to elite
  • Created for OCR athletes, by OCR athletes
  • Can (and should) be completed more than one time through
  • Only requires a: towl, pull-up bar, weight plates, and dumbbells

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Order Summary
Grip Builder 101