GRIPWOD Subscription:

On it's own - $16/month

As a current OCR BEAST athlete - $5/month

*OCR BEAST athletes, don't sign up here. Ask your coach for a link to a discounted subscription.

What is GRIPWOD?

GRIPWOD is a 3 workout per week grip strength, pull strength, and grip endurance training program, where workouts are usually less than 20 minutes (meant to be added on to the end of a workout you’re already doing). You can find all the equipment needed in a standard gym (except for maybe a bucket…), and all movements can be scaled from beginners to elite. 

What can I expect from each GRIPWOD?

Each workout is tailor made for obstacle course racing. We break the 3 weekly workouts into categories:



a CLIMB workout will incorporate strength and skills relevant to climbing obstacles (i.e. rope climb, rigs, monkey bars, etc). Areas such as grip strength, grip endurance, “pull” strength, hanging manueverability, and more.




a CARRY workout will incorporate strengths and skills relevant to carry obstacles (i.e. bucket carry, sandbag carry, farmers carry, etc). Areas such as grip strength, grip endurance, core strength, core endurance, and more.




a CONQUER workout will incorporate strengths and skills relevant to either climbing obstacles, carry obstacles, or BOTH. This workout will usually be the longest, and most challenging of the three.


Once I subscribe... then what?

You will immediately have access to the GRIPWOD Membership page. Here you'll find a number of past workouts, with the most recently added at the top. We suggest starting with our benchmark assessments (you'll get them in an email immediately upon subscribing). These will serve as indicators of where you are when it comes to current grip fitness, and will allow you to track your progress over time! We'll retest these assessments periodically.  

Once you take on the benchmark assessments, start getting in a routine of adding the GRIPWOD workouts into your training. We suggest doing them after a gym workout, or run, when you're already warmed up and ready to go! Think of GRIPWOD as a workout "finisher"... one that might make it hard to do simple things like turn the steering wheel on your way home. 😉  

What if I have a question?

 When you subscribe to GRIPWOD, you're subscribing to a community of fellow OCR athletes and coaches! You'll have access to the Team OCR Beast Facebook group, where we share training tips, challenge each other, and anyone is free to ask questions there. Plus, I'm here to answer all the questions you have (Spencer - founder of OCR BEAST). 

If you have a question before signing up, feel free to reach out to us at, or send a DM through the OCR BEAST Instagram account! 

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