2017 is here. Millions of people will go out and sign up for gym memberships this week, and create resolutions that the majority will (unfortunately) not stick with for more than a few months. But in the world of OCR, it seems like each year, goals and resolutions are amplified. There is so much opportunity to push yourself, accomplish what you might not have thought possible, and throw yourself into new experiences.

So where do you start? What makes for a good OCR goal or resolution? Here are a few ideas for how to get the most out of your 2017 season:

1. Pick a Goal Race – This is probably the most common & obvious of yearly OCR goals. Pick a race you want to complete, train for it, go out and cross that finish line. Whether your first OCR, first Beast, first Ultra Beast, or Worlds Toughest Mudder, picking your goal race is about pushing yourself past your comfort zone. Harder, longer, more obstacles, more elevation… these are the qualities of a “just finish” goal race.

2. Pick a Performance Goal – This is another common style of OCR goal. Get on a podium, earn your SRWC coin, place top 10 in a race, top 20% in a competitive race, complete a Spartan rig for the first time, top 20 in masters, top 100 in SR point series, qualify for OCRWC, keep your band at OCRWC. In my opinion, this is the hardest type of goal to get right. It’s easy to pick an easy goal and know that you’ll accomplish it, and is equally easy to say “podium in a Spartan Race” when you averaged in the 50’s throughout 2016 and podium may be a long-shot. My recommendation would be to try to shoot for the middle as best you can, and make sure it’s not all coming down to one race. Shit happens, and you don’t want a yearly goal like “top 10 at the AT&T Stadium Sprint” to come down to one day, and be a fail because it just happened to not be your best day.

3. New Experience Goal – OCR can get stale after a couple seasons if you don’t switch it up. After a few times through the same race, it may not be as big of a challenge without some kind of a performance goal. The first time you did an obstacle course race, it was a new experience. Shoot for that feeling again. Seek out a new race series, a new venue, a new distance.

4. Mid-Race Resolutions – Decide that “during races this year, I’m going to…” Maybe this past season you got too hung up on those performance goals and you forgot to have fun? Sounds funny, but it happens. During races this year, I’m going to… have fun, remember to take in the scenery, help at least 3 people out on the course, stop missing the spear throw, etc.

5. Training Resolutions – All of the goals and resolutions mentioned above are achieved during races, but none of it is possible without the training that you do leading up to those races. Commit to running x days per week, or hitting a certain number of miles, or training grip x days per week, getting your first pull-up, foam rolling every day, stretching more, stop drinking soda, eat more vegetables, sign up for OCR Beast online coaching. 😉

Try picking one of each (of the examples 1-5). At the end of 2017, you’ll be able to see which you accomplished, which you may not have spent enough time working towards, and which you want to perfect going into your next season.

Our coaches have decided on their goals and resolutions for 2017, and here they are!

Shane Leighton – more performance consistency from race to race, more podiums (3 in 2016), stronger performance at OCRWC, run a sub 17:45 5k, 7 sisters trail race, coach an OCR Beast athlete to their first podium.

Luke Bosek – help OCR Beast athletes reach their goals, USATF coaching certification, top 5 at Georgia Death Race, 105 miles at World’s Toughest Mudder, win Barkley Fall Classic (automatic entry into 2018 Barkley Marathons).

Spencer Mahoney – more performance consistency from race to race, more top 10’s (3 in 2016), top 5 in a Spartan Race, 25 miles in a Toughest Mudder, sub 19:45 5k, coach 3 OCR Beast athletes to their first SRWC coins, have fun!

What are your resolutions and goals? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!

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